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What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is about the use of digital displays to deliver digital information. It is a way of displaying dynamic content on a number of different screens in different environments, which can be a TV wall, video wall or LED wall. With clear messages and constantly updated content, digital signage can make a huge impression on the audience, making it the most suitable advertising platform for niche marketing and a powerful way of brand building.

Digital signage is commonly used in many industries, such as retail, education, government, transportation, finance, and properties. With digital signage, it is easier than ever to present your company and your brand.

Our unique advantage

onActivity not only develops hi-end, cutting-edge digital signage solutions, we also ensure that each design is original, appealing and customized to individual customer requirements, taking care from content management to manageability, from robustness to reliability. Our technology provides excellent quality and synchronized play out of presentations utilizing multiple player computers and multi-screen / multi-display canvas.

Why use digital signage?

  • dynamic and eye-catching with the use of interactive signage
  • instant and easily updatable information, therefore can deliver breaking news in real-time
  • scalable and reliable, tailored to meet each customer’s unique business requirement
  • can display anything from images and videos to scroll messages
  • targeted messaging, delivering the right information to the right audience at the right time
  • flexible, content can come in any shape or form and easily integrated with other media
  • more cost-effective and efficient than printed communication

With simple installation and boundless creativity, the sky is the limit for digital signage.

Project overview

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