Annunciator System @ LEGCO

Legislative Council of the HKSAR • 2011

Live feed of LEGCO meetings and instant message display

Visitors to the Legislative Council (LEGCO), especially the media, expect to get informed about ongoing meetings, activities and upcoming events at the venue. onActivity helped the LEGCO achieve this important task with our advanced digital signage technology and system integration capability. Using these facilities, the LEGCO can easily distribute digitised information in common areas, display news and updates in waiting rooms and show clear information from a reliable source.

Over 50 players are installed in the Legislative Council Complex, for information display and live feed of meetings in the chamber, including voting status, live video streaming of current speaker, and LEGCO Event Scheduling System (LESS). The system also supports ad-hoc message display, such as real-time information, news and updates. 

LEGCO can benefit from improved communication to staff, councillors, media, and other public visitors. Scheduled or immediate content can help inform everyone of happenings in the Council. 


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