Info Signage System @ Tamar

HKSAR – Tamar Government Complex • 2011

Helps Government distribute update information to the public

The government has an important duty to inform and update citizens in governmental areas about ongoing and upcoming events at the venue, as well as any alerts and news, etc. For this purpose, a digital InfoSignage is the ideal solution. It can be utilized for wayfinding, emergency alerts, distribution of updated information, or any type of message delivery swiftly and effectively.


onActivity provided the digital signage solution at the Central Government Complex, Tamar,  HKSAR. Total 26 players are installed in the building for displaying information, room occupancy etc. The system is interfaced with the Government’s meeting scheduling system, so that meeting room usage status is available at a glance.


With this system, the Government is able to distribute digitised information to the public in common areas, display news and updates in waiting rooms and show clear information in an effortless manner.

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